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Kids Headquarters is a non-profit 501(c)(3) child-advocacy organization. Located in Mill Valley, California, Kids’ Headquarters has been serving Marin since 1995, providing wholesome activities and meticulous supervision, and also maintaining a unique, ongoing community discussion of every issue that pertains to what is best for children.

The Planet Alternative

Now in our nineteenth year at the Seaplane Airport, we are pleased to find that, for many families, The Planet is like a real-life neighborhood or village - with its adult-guided resources, spontaneous kid-directed events, shady places to share dreams with friends, and the infinity of textural details that show long cultivation. As we maintain a family feeling, with virtually no staff turnover, we particularly invite those parents who share our determination to find a wholesome way through our rapidly-changing world.

At The Planet we offer technical instruction, in shops that guide the genuine interests of children into general problem-solving skills, clarity, and self-confidence. And through our light over-all structure, emphasizing freedom and self-control, we carefully guide children toward best social development.

We think that highly structured activities can be excellent, but something more is needed. Teachers and counselors may do their best to add a personal feeling to activity programs, but modern kids' behavior often shows a lack of center or continuity. Kids may win 'sportsmanship' awards yet remain unable to play fair without adult referees. They may get high grades in school, while real-life comprehension is overlooked. And what parents teach kids about good manners is not always reinforced in specialized programs.

At The Planet, we strive for a balance in which everyone's heart is protected and honored. As a result, we find that diversity - of ethnicity, gender, ability, age, and plain old individuality - is a source of interest and fun. If we fail to honor the individual heart, we plant a need to assert the self above others, a need to seek advantage, to compensate for the inner feeling of neglect.

Our 'minors'-rights' advocacy is a constant development of this theory. Our policies, always subject to review, allow some unusual freedoms: like doing nothing, mutually-agreed rough play, and toy weapons - and they impose some demands that are not always found in kids' programs: like responsible eating habits, 'good judgement,' and courtesy. But all our policies express only one principle: sensitivity for the rights and safety of everyone. This provides the best feeling of personal security, permission to 'be,' to grow and discover individuality in a balance of mutual respect. Kids soon welcome our consistent rules as sensitive protection. And they find, as no one could 'teach' them, that fairness is fun - and this is how a happy society works.


As a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization (ID: # 94-2436148), emphasizing quality even when it conflicts with profitability, Kids’ Headquarters relies on your appreciation in order to exist. We are always grateful to accept your TAX-DEDUCTIBLE* donations.

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